PM Kisan Beneficiary Status (14th Installment)

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Learn how to check PM Kisan beneficiary status, check whether you have received the PM Kisan 14th Installment Payment or not, and stay updated with the latest information about the scheme in this blog post.

PM Kisan 14th installment Beneficiary Status

PM Kisan Beneficiary Status (14th Installment)

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is a flagship program launched by the Government of India in February 2019. The scheme aims to provide direct income support of Rs. 6,000 per year to small and marginal farmers across India.

The scheme is designed to alleviate the financial burden of farmers and ensure their overall welfare. Under the PM Kisan Yojana, eligible farmers receive financial assistance in three equal installments every year. The program has been a crucial step toward the government’s vision of doubling the income of farmers in the country by 2030.

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How to check PM Kisan 14th Installment Beneficiary Status?

The below steps can be followed by farmers who have applied for the PM Kisan scheme to check their 14th installment beneficiary status:

Begin by accessing the official website of PM Kisan, which is located at

PM Kisan Home Page

Once on the website, locate and click on the “Farmers Corner” tab, and then choose the “Beneficiary Status” option from the list menu.

PM Kisan Farmer Corner

Upon selecting the “Beneficiary Status” option, a new page will load. Here, you will be prompted to provide your Registration Number or Mobile Number. After entering the required details, fill in the captcha and then click on the “Get Data” button.

PM Kisan Beneficiary STatus

The status of your installment payment, whether it is approved, pending, or rejected, will be displayed on the screen.

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In case your payment status displays “hold,” what actions should you take?

Initially, it is recommended to check whether you have completed the e-KYC process. If you haven’t, it should be completed as soon as possible. If you have already completed the KYC and your payment status still displays “hold,” it may be due to your block or district-level officer. In this case, it is advised to contact them for further clarification.

Can I check the 14th installment status using an Aadhaar card?

No, you can’t check the 14th installment using Aadhaar for now. Currently the PM Kisan portal allows you to use either a Registration number or Mobile Number

Is it necessary for me to complete the e-KYC process in order to receive the 14th installment payment?

Yes, You need to complete your e-kyc to receive the 14th PM Kisan Installment Payment

Do I need to link my Aadhaar card with my bank account in order to receive the installment payment?

Yes, you need to link your Aadhaar Card to both your bank account and PK Kisan Portal to receive the payment. The Payment will be processed to your Aadhaar Linked bank account.

Why am I receiving the PM Kisan payments in a different bank account than the one I used while registering on the PM Kisan portal?

Currently, the government is processing payments to the bank accounts linked with your Aadhaar details. If you have linked your Aadhaar with a different bank account, then the payment will be credited to that account.

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